Apr 25, 2011


A wolf chases an imitation pig...
The author Taijin Takeuchi created an stop motion animation "A wolf loves pork" and it attracted great attention to millions of people since he uploaded to a video-sharing website.

You might think making a stop motion animation is difficult? however it is not.
This book will teach you how-to based on 20 stop motion animations.
You don't have to prepare special tools, you can use everyday materials with your brilliant idea.
Let's make your original animation !

The author: Taijin Takeuchi
Price: 2,200 yen + tax ( ISBN:978-4-86100-723-1)
Format: 182 x 238 mm, 128 pages ( Full color ) Softcover with jacket
Language: Japanese / Release date: 25th April 2011
*completed animations are available for download.