Jun 26, 2012

Let's make 3DCG character! vol.3
development of polygon character in Blender

BNN's best selling series "Let's make 3DCG character!", the volume 3 introduces the definitive resource for computer modeling in Blender while it is a wonderful free and open source program for 3DCG animation. Covering the techniques from low poly to high poly modeling and bipedal locomotion, this book is suitable for the animators who want to switch to Blender and for 3DCG intermediates to blush up their skills.
*includes download sample data

Price: 2,800yen+tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-765-1)
Format :
180×235㎜,264pages, Softcover with JacketLanguage: Japanese / 18th June 2012
※ The interface spec is Blender 2.60.

CHAPTER 1introduction
1 Blender the basic guidance
CHAPTER 2 the basic manual
1 to install
2 Blender to switch in Japanese
3   interface
4「3D View」window operation
5  still images rendering and how to save
6  file management
8 user setting
CHAPTER 3 low poly modeling
1 modeling
2 material
3 rigging
4 scene
CHAPTER 4 high poly modeling
1 basic tutorial
2 modeling
3 material
4 rigging
5   scene
CHAPTER 5 animation
1 method and process
CHAPTER 6 other functions and supplementary
1 data link constitution
2 special file-operations
3 add-ons
4 other useful functions