Dec 22, 2009

100 masters of Bishojo painting

The complete collection of Bishojo digital illustraion by 100 masters!
This book introduces apx. 500 representative works and profiles of 100 illustrators - masters of Bishojo painting - active in the digital illustration world, especially emphasizing pictures featuring Bishojo ( beautiful girl ) characters. 
It includes works by both professional artists who work in the commercial field doing work such as cover illustration for light novel ( a type of novel for young adults in Japan ) books and character design for games or animations and amateur artists who show their works on pixiv (a most famous user-generated illustation site in Japan) or in doujinshi ( independently published comics ), along with their CV and information about the production environment ( PC, Software, Tublet, Scanners, and Printers,etc.) This book can also be used as a creator directory.

"Orignal desktop wallpapers are available for download!!"
( access by using a password and ID in the book )


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Format: 257 x 190 mm, Soft cover with Jacket
Pages: 216 (Full color)
Language: English-Japanese Bilingual
Price: 2,380 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-86100-666-1

Jul 25, 2009


RETAS STUDIO is all-in-one package software covering every process of animation production, from sketches, tracing, coloring, photographing, and finishing, and this software has been standard in the field of professional animation. This reference book makes the software accessible to beginners.
The author: Kouki Oohira, Ikko Ogawa

Price: 3,200 yen + tax (ISBN 978-4-86100-654-8)
Format: 182 x 257 mm, 256 pages
Language: Japanese / Release Date: 25th July 2009