Feb 22, 2010

AfterEffects for Animation series

AfterEffects for Animation - Beginner-

Throughout this book, you can learn about fundamentals of Animation and techniques of AfferEffects at the same time. This book is made specially for beginner; who want to become an animator and learn how-to on AfterEffects.
In the section of "LESSON", the fundamental of Cel animation and synthesis process will be explained in detail with plenty of pictures.
In the section of "LECTURE", AfterEffects operating instructions will be explained by step by step.
This book provides you downloadable example data for you to try creating one short animation!

Chapter 01 Fundamental of Animation
Production Process
Necessary materials for creating Animation
Time sheet
Interface of AfterEffects

Chapter 02 Basic Setting
What is frame rate        
Size and Pixel aspect ratio    
What is duration        
Image file for AfterEffects 
Thinking on materials alignment        
Function of layout         
System of Color and depth  

default setting for Animation
Create New Composition
Setting composition
Reading materials
Material alignment on time-line
Adjust size and position of materials
Final adjustment and preview

Chapter 03 Composition
Stop Key-frame        
Motion blur         
Blending Mode on layer       
3D layer          
Adjustment layer           

fade-in / fade-out
Cel serial number
Slide all layers at the same time
Set rolling Cel
Creat PAN Create
Create Track-up(T.U)
Create Overlapping
Motion blur to create image lag
Multiply to change face expression
Create transmitted light
Create 3D environment
Rack focus

Chapter 04 Editing
What is editing?
Editing Credit

Sequence layers to connect cuts
Create Editing Credit
Write into Movie File


Author: Kouki Ohira
Price: 3,200 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-709-3 )

Format: 230 x 182 mm, 256 pages ( Full color ) Soft cover with Jacket

Language: Japanese / Release date: 20th January 2012

Materials are available for downloading

AfterEffects for Animation
-Animation Crimax Techiniques-

This is a practical guidebook of AfterEffects for Animation creators.
After Effects is the one of the most common software for creating special effects and shootings in Cel animation . Not only the instruction of the basic operation, but also this book features special and crimax techniques using camera works and effects which most of the standard guidebooks are not included. With this book you will be able to download materials and learn great techniques easily following step by step guideline. Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Chapter 01 Basic Operation
01: Interface
02: Materials for the animation production
03: Configurations for the animation production
04: Composition
05: Footage
11: Rendering

Chapter 02: Composite Technique
01: Positional relation
02: Focus spotlight on a main character
03: Walking scene
04: Sliding scene
05: Running scene
13: Walking down stairs

Chapter 03: Effect Technique
01: Shiny glass
02: Image scenes of been covered with lights
03: Misty view
04: Video noise
05: light from backward
30: Managing multi

Author: Kouki Ohira
Price: 3,800 yen + tax ( ISBN 978-4-86100-699-9 )

Format: 230 x 182 mm, 256 pages ( Full color ) Soft cover with Jacket

Language: Japanese / Release date: 22th February 2010

Materials are available for downloading

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