Dec 22, 2009

100 masters of Bishojo painting

The complete collection of Bishojo digital illustraion by 100 masters!
This book introduces apx. 500 representative works and profiles of 100 illustrators - masters of Bishojo painting - active in the digital illustration world, especially emphasizing pictures featuring Bishojo ( beautiful girl ) characters. 
It includes works by both professional artists who work in the commercial field doing work such as cover illustration for light novel ( a type of novel for young adults in Japan ) books and character design for games or animations and amateur artists who show their works on pixiv (a most famous user-generated illustation site in Japan) or in doujinshi ( independently published comics ), along with their CV and information about the production environment ( PC, Software, Tublet, Scanners, and Printers,etc.) This book can also be used as a creator directory.

"Orignal desktop wallpapers are available for download!!"
( access by using a password and ID in the book )


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Format: 257 x 190 mm, Soft cover with Jacket
Pages: 216 (Full color)
Language: English-Japanese Bilingual
Price: 2,380 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-86100-666-1